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Brain-Exchange is a Market Place for Human Capital in Development

Brain-Exchange puts global brains to work on local development issues by matching the next generations of passionate top-minds around the world to the right jobs, volunteer, consultancy opportunities in development field in Thailand while advancing their career and studies.

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Our Success Story

With the help of our distinguished advisory board, in the year of its inception Brain-Exchange then under the name of Thailand Internship Program, have attracted over 120 students across world-class universities such as Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, MIT etc. to work in governmental, social, and research sectors in Thailand

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What do we mean by opportunities in “development” field?

In our view, development opportunities consist of four broad types:

  1. Doing policy advisory work for the government
  2. Conducting research to evaluate different policies/programs
  3. Assisting local and international organizations implementing social and economic programs on the ground
  4. Providing consultancy services for social enterprises and corporations that are conducting corporate social responsibility programs (CSR).

What we do for you

A win-win solution for all parties! Brain-Exchange serves the needs of both sides of the market: the employers demanding high-quality human capital and ideas, and passionate students looking for opportunities in development field and climb their career ladder.

Job available

Our partnership with Columbia's SIPA and Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Our partnership with Columbia's SIPA and Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Jon (HKS) and Mark (SIPA) were among the seven chosen consultants to come to Thailand as part of the Thailand Internship Program to help Ministry of Energy's craft long-term energy policy, and promote social innovations and entrepreneurship with Changefusion, respectively.